Welcome to the D and D Show

We here at the D and D show would like to welcome everyone to our new website.....ok our first website.  This is a place where you can come and visit if you are looking to kill some time, listen to our opinions on the world and generally have a laugh at us or with us we don't mind.

Dave and Damian

Dave and Damian

Creators of the Show

Dave and Damian have been best friends for over twenty years now and have been seeking a way to share with the world their thoughts and ideas.  The world may not be ready for these thoughts yet but it was getting way too risky for them to keep holding them in.  


Damian has been developing his sense of humour on a dessert (not a typo) island and has finally emerged back into society.  He has a keen interest in pop culture, sport and foods beginning with the letter "Q".

He lists his proudest achievement as being a featured extra on the Lord of the Rings DVD........thats him looking confused as they adjust his costume, and has recently been trying out to play the part of Grandad in the new Teen Wolf movie (see picture opposite).


Dave recently escaped from a top secret governmental comedy programme.  He was one of the initial prototypes and definitely has a few screws missing and some loose wires.  His main areas of interest are current events, music, sport and talking animals in movies.

He lists his proudest achievements as getting out of bed this morning, being a rejected extra in a Open Polytechnic advertisement, and spending an uncomfortable 10 minutes on COW TV (someone froze in front of the camera).